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The Opening of the School Year Mass

The Opening of the School Year Mass.
Celebrating 50 Years of the Sacred Heart Church.
Without even realising it, we start and end our time in the Ursuline in this very church. Our First Years are here for the first time, beginning their time as Ursuline girls, and the Sixth Years will be finishing our school lives with our graduation Mass this coming May. Today, not only are we celebrating the beginning of a new school year at this Mass but we are also celebrating 50 years of the Sacred Heart Church, the very church we fill with our sea of red jumpers three times every year.
This church is, and has been, there with our school community through it all, the celebrations, the rememberings, the hellos, the goodbyes and many more in between. Although we may move our way around the pews year by year, the church has remained constant throughout, and has always been here as a place for us to gather as a family and strengthen our sense of community, together through prayer, song and ceremony. While we may sit under a brand-new roof, these eight walls have seen the many hundreds of Ursuline girls gone before us.
It would be impossible for me to stand up and talk today about the Sacred Heart Church without acknowledging and thanking Fr. Chestnutt, and Fr. Melody before him, as school chaplains for all the work, support and dedication throughout the years. Our school community really wouldn’t be the same without their guidance and presence throughout the academic year. For this we, the whole community of St. Angela’s, are incredibly grateful.

Daisy Drohan,
Head Girl
September 2019