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Inspection Reports

Whole School Evaluations (WSEs) are carried out in primary and post-primary schools. During these inspections, the Department of Education & Skills (DES) evaluate

  • the quality of the school management and leadership,
  • the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and
  • the school’s own planning and self-review.

The way in which the DES inspect the school during WSE varies somewhat. For example, sometimes the inspection has a subject or curriculum focus and at other times, the DES concentrates on a range of different lessons across a wide range of subjects. Oral feedback is provided to the school community at the end of these inspections and a printed report is published on the DES website.

Whole School Evaluation 2017

Transition Year 2016

Business Subjects 2011

Whole-School Evaluation 2009

Science 2009

English 2009

Home Economics 2009

Irish 2009

Physical Education 2008

Music 2007