St. Angela's School, Ursuline Convent Waterford
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Principal’s Message

It is a great honour for me to be the Principal of St. Angela’s School, a school that is steeped in the history of Ursuline education for over 200 years and is under the trusteeship of Le Chéile. St. Angela’s School takes its place in the community as a Catholic school that welcomes students of all faiths and those of no faith.

Life in St. Angela’s is guided by the Touchstones of Ursuline Education – a personal relationship with God; the holistic development of each individual; the dignity and uniqueness of each person; the importance of courtesy and kindness; the fostering of courage and confidence to live in justice and truth; and the encouraging of a caring & respectful attitude towards self, others and the environment.

Working collaboratively with open and honest communication between students, staff and parents/ guardians, is an essential part of our school ethos. Students in St. Angela’s describe the atmosphere here as friendly and welcoming. They are supported by a committed pastoral care team consisting of Class Tutors, Year Heads and Deputy Principals; closely assisted by our Guidance Counsellors and Special Education Teaching Coordinators. Participation in our wide range of extra-curricular activities is encouraged across all year groups.

At the centre of the teaching and learning in St. Angela’s is the student. Students are encouraged to reflect on their progress as learners and develop a sense of ownership of and responsibility for their learning. Active, engaged learners who regularly set meaningful goals with the assistance of our dedicated teaching staff are laying the foundation for their future life after they leave St. Angela’s.

It is my hope and the hope of all the staff, that the students of St. Angela’s leave us as strong, independent young women, having reached their full personal potential and are ready to take their place in the community as responsible young adults. We hope that they continue to live our school motto ‘Non Sibi Sed Cunctis’ meaning ‘Not for self but for all’.

Bernadette McGlynn