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Learning Support

Learning Support

The New Special Education Teaching Allocation Model 

The school follows the Department of Education and Skills Special Education Section’s new Special Education Teaching allocation model, as per Circular No 0014/2017. The new Special Education Teaching allocation provides a single unified allocation for special educational teaching needs to each school, based on that school’s educational profile. This single allocation allows all schools to provide special education teaching support for all students who require such support in their schools. Schools deploy resources based on each student’s individual learning needs. 

 The Learners’ Hub 

Our new Learners’ Hub, a pilot programme, is the centre of special educational needs and learning support  in our school, while the provision of support teaching takes place throughout our school. This is a flexible learning space that is shared by resource and learning support teachers and is a central repository of resources and teaching materials. The spacious learning environment enables a team of teachers to set up “learning stations” where individual students and small groups of students engage in learning activities, including cooperative learning and peer tutoring.