St. Angela's School, Ursuline Convent Waterford
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Deputy Principal’s message

Our Philosophy  is you will achieve more with gentleness & kindness

As a Catholic school its primary objective is to participate in the evangelizing mission of the church by fostering a school community where gospel values are lived and taught.

Ursuline Education strives to nurture a community where Christian values are respected, lived and taught. It is based on the teachings of St. Angela which emphasise:-

Personal relationship with God

The holistic development of each individual

The dignity and uniqueness of each person

The importance of courtesy and kindness

The fostering of courage and confidence to live in justice and truth

The encouragement of a caring and respectful attitude towards self, others and the environment.

The ethos of Ursuline schools is Catholic. All are expected to have respect for that ethos whilst also respecting the religious beliefs of others.

Religious Education has been central to the mission of the Ursuline Congregation since its foundation. Accordingly, religious instruction, liturgical services and prayer are part of daily life in the school and a high level of participation from students is encouraged.

Ursuline Education is committed to the principle of collaboration and partnership between students, staff, parents local community, management and trustees.

Pastoral care of students and staff is integral to the life of an Ursuline School .